Frequently Asked Questions

1. How are the lessons conducted?
For each 2 hours lesson, Mr Ling and the student can be engaged in topical revisions, problem-solving or any constructive learning. Prior to the lesson, Mr Ling will check with the student for any topic that he or she would like to revise, and he will plan and prepare the materials accordingly to the learning needs of the student.

2. What other support will be given to all students?
Beside the face-to-face tuition lessons, Mr Ling will also provide email and handphone (watsapp or sms) support to all his students.

3. What are the levels and subjects which The Success Classroom is offering to students?
At the moment, we are offering the following subjects: For secondary schools, Sec 3, 4 and 5 EMaths, AMaths and Physics as well as Sec 1/2 Maths. IP students are welcomed to join the classes. For ‘A’ levels, JC1 and JC2 H1 and H2 mathematics and Physics. For IB and Pre-IB, SL Maths and SL Physics.

4. What is the duration of one lesson?
Each lesson is 2 hours.

5. Since it is a one-to-one lesson, why should the venue be at Midtown Residences, and not at student’s home?
Beside the reason of convenience, Mr Ling has all his resources stocked up at his residential home, Midtown Residences. At any point during the lesson, additional materials can be printed and passed to the student within the same lesson. This reduce time wastage and enhance learning.
Mr Ling does provide one-to-one home tuition from 2018 onwards. Please visit Tuition Lessons and Fees for more information.

6.  How much is the tuition fee? What happens to the tuition fee if my child misses a lesson?
For students who come over to Midtown Residences, Mr Ling’s tuition fees are considered the most value for money. For tuition classes at tuition centres, although the fees are cheaper, there are usually a few students in the class and each student can hardly receive individualized attention from the tutor. For one-to-one home tuition, although the student may receives individualized attention from the tutor, he or she will most likely have to pay a much higher tuition fees if the tutor is a former NIE-trained SAP school teacher with two master degrees.

If the student misses one lesson, make-up lesson can be arranged, subject to availability of seats.

8. Can a student start the tuition lesson at any time of the year?
Definitely! New students are welcome to join any time.

9. Does The Success Classroom provide any tuition materials?
Definitely! Notes and practice worksheets will be provided during the lessons.

10. When and how to register?
Parents can help their children to register through phone by sms or watsapp (Mr Daniel Ling: 98417851). However, registration can only be confirmed during the first lesson when tuition fees for 4 lessons are paid or when fee for first lesson is paid.

11. How much must I pay upon registration?
Parents will simply pay for tuition fees for a minimum of 4 lessons or payment after every lesson. The Success Classroom is not charging registration fee at the moment.

12. What must a student bring during the lesson or prepare before the lesson?
Writing materials and a clear thinking mind will be enough! However, if the child wishes to bring along textbooks or worksheets from school to seek clarifications from the tutor, he or she is welcomed to do so.

13. Will there be any classes during public holidays? How about school holidays?
All tuition lessons run as usual during school holidays but there may be slight adjustment to the timings (subject to agreement by most or all students) as some students may not need to go to school every day. For public holidays, the lessons are subjected to availability of the tutor (Mr Ling) and the student.

Are your questions answered? If not, please do not hesitate to contact us. =-)