About The Success Classroom

The main mission of The Success Classroom is to provide high quality tutorial support to local education community. We seek to provide individualized and highly customized tuition to every student without the exhorbitant tuition fees from that of one-to-one home tuitions.

The Success Classroom offers tuition help in the following subject areas:
GCE ‘O’ Levels and IP: Pure Physics, Science(Physics), Additional/Pure Mathematics & Elementary Mathematics.
GCE ‘A’ Levels: Mathematics and Physics at H1 and H2 level.
IB: SL/HL Maths and Physics

The tuition classes (at Dr Ling’s place) are very small in sizes, ranging from 1 student to a maximum of 2 students. Each student will receive individualized guidance from Dr Ling.

E-Learning Videos:
section-e-learning-300x185The Success Classroom is also in the process of developing a series of videos to explain the working solutions of past years preliminary examination papers from the various schools. Students and parents will be informed as soon as possible when the videos are up and running. Stay tuned for more updates!

Teaching Methodology
Dr Daniel Ling adopts the MASKA strategy to motivate each student to maximize his or her potential.
Teaching of fundamentals, understanding the formulas and concepts through clear and precise explanation and notes.
Selected worksheets will be provided to the students during the lessons for them to apply what they have learnt.
Skills and Knowledge
As soon as the syllabus is completed, students will be trained to tackle prelim exams papers from various secondary schools. This will push them to think harder, which will sharpen their analytical skills.
Once sufficient practices are done with the prelim papers, students will then be brought back to reality to attempt the actual O level questions. Most students will now find the O level questions relatively simpler if they have diligently tried various schools’ prelim questions, which are generally of high order thinking questions.

The Success Classroom is currently ACRA-registered by Dr Daniel Ling under ‘Partnership’ with the business name ‘Daniel Ling Education Services’.